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Why should the test be used?

The female cycle is divided into 4 phases:

Follicular phase: 2.40-13.00 mIU / ml

Ovulation phase: 14.00 - 96.00 mIU / ml

Luteal phase: 1.00-11.00 mIU / ml


Post menopause: 7.70 - 58.00 mIU / ml

In the ovulation phase, fertilization can take place. The ovulation test shows a positive result exactly in the ovulation phase . This is where the probability of being fertilized is highest. Sexual intercourse should take place.


  1. Remove a test strip from the packaging immediately before testing.
  2. Prepare some urine in a clean mug.
  3. Hold the test strip in the beaker up to the mark for 5 seconds (see back of packaging).
  4. Remove the test strip and place it horizontally on a surface.
  5. Read the result within 10 minutes.
  6. Dispose of the test observing hygiene.

Scope of delivery:

2 × 10 test strips = 20 test strips


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