20x Schwangerschaftstest hCG-Test Frühtest Baby 10 miu_ml Teststreifen Urintest


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Pregnancy test with the highest quality and CE certificate

Purpose / Description:
You can use this test to check whether you are pregnant. From the eighth day after sexual intercourse, the HCG can be detected in the urine. Due to the high sensitivity of the test, in some cases even earlier.
This pregnancy test shows the level of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine sample. This is a hormone that is secreted during pregnancy. The hormone can already be detected after conception. 
1. Remove the test from the sealed pouch.
2. Hold the test strip with the arrow pointing down in the urine sample to be tested for 3 seconds.
3. Then place the test strip on a clean and flat surface.
4. Read the result within 5 minutes.
Discreet packaging
20 test strips
Detailed instructions on the back of the packaging


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