10x drug test – drug test for marijuana, Cannabis THC urine test

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  • Reliable
  • Long durability
  • Shipping within 24 hours
  • Discreet packaging


  • Drug-test urine for the detection of Cannabis (THC).
  • The drug test strips are characterized with a high-quality nitro-cellulose membrane with optimal permeability and width.
  • Reliable, fast and accurate, with Almost 100%agreement with the reference method laboratory (GC/MS).
  • Discretion: The shipping is done in opaque packaging to protect your privacy.
  • Minimum Shelf Life: May 2023


Product description:

Drug-test urine for the detection of Cannabis (THC)

The drug test for Cannabis (THC) test by a test strip with a nearly 100% Compliance by the reference method laboratory (GC/MS). The drug test can be easily and from home will be carried out and therefore excludes a visit to the doctor. In the packaging a detailed description in English, as well as on the back of the packaging is.

Substances can be detected with the drug-test:

THC – cannabinoids (50 ng/ml)


Drug testing at home to perform:

1. The test strip and urine sample in a Cup should be brought before use at room temperature

2. Remove the test strip from the packaging

3. Immerse the test strip with the down arrow in the urine sample

4. Remove the test strip after 10 seconds and lay the strip flat on a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface

5. Read the result between 3 and 5 minutes


Test result reading:

In the control area, three results are shown:

1. Negative: line in the control line region (C) and (T)

2. Positive effect: line in the control line region (T)

3. Invalid: No line in the control area



 10 x test strips

 1 x product description

3 reviews for 10x Drogenschnelltest – Drogentest für Marihuana Cannabis THC – Urintest

  1. Hanna

    schnell ung gut

  2. Yanis

    sehr zufrieden

  3. Youssoup

    rapide et exactement comme décrit

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