5x rapid drug test drug test 7 multi (cocaine, THC, amphetamines and much more)


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Product description:

Drug Test Multi for 7 types of drugs in forensic/research quality

The drug rapid test Multi for 7 types of drugs tests 7 different drugs using several test strips in a test cassette. This with almost 100% agreement using the laboratory reference method (GC/MS). This product is for forensic/research use only, not for diagnostic use. No medical device.

Substances that can be detected with the rapid drug test:

  • Cocaine (300 ng / ml)
  • Opiate (2000 ng/ml)
  • Ketamine (500 ng / ml)
  • Amphetamines (1000 ng / ml)
  • Methamphetamine / Crystal (1000 ng / ml)
  • THC – cannabinoids (50 ng/ml)
  • Methadone (300 ng / ml)


  1. The test cassette and sample/liquid should be brought to room temperature before use.
  2. Take the test cassette out of the packaging and remove the lower part of the test cassette.
  3. Dip the test strips into the sample with the arrow pointing down. After 10 seconds, remove the test strips and lay the test cassette flat on a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface. Read the result between 3 and 5 minutes

    Test result reading:

    Three results are shown in the control area on the test cassette:

    1. Negative: line in control area (C) and (T)
    2. Positive: line in the control area (T)
    3. Invalid: No line in the control area

    Scope of delivery:

    5 x test cassette

    5 x Produktbeschreibung

    Discretion: The shipping is done in opaque packaging to protect your privacy.


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