5x rapid drug test drug test-urine 7 Multi (cocaine, THC, amphetamines, etc.)

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Product description:

Rapid drug test multi for 7 types of drugs

The multi-drug rapid test for 7 types of drugs tests 7 different drugs using several test strips in a test cassette. This with an almost 100% agreement by the reference method laboratory (GC / MS). The rapid drug test can be carried out easily from home and thus excludes a visit to the doctor.

Substances that can be detected with the rapid drug test:

  • Cocaine (300 ng / ml)
  • Opiates (300 ng / ml)
  • Ketamine (500 ng / ml)
  • Amphetamines (1000 ng / ml)
  • Methamphetamine / Crystal (1000 ng / ml)
  • THC – cannabinoids (50 ng/ml)
  • Methadone (300 ng / ml)

Performing a drug test at home:

  1. The test cassette and urine specimen in a beaker should be brought to room temperature before use
  2. Take the test cassette out of the packaging and remove the lower part of the test cassette.
  3. Tauchen Sie die Teststreifen mit dem Pfeil nach unten in die UrinprobeNehmen Sie die Teststreifen nach 10 Sekunden heraus und legen Sie die Testkassette flach auf eine saubere, trockene und nicht absorbierende OberflächeLesen Sie das Ergebnis zwischen 3 und 5 Minuten ab

    Test result reading:

    Three results are shown in the control area on the test cassette:

    1. Negativ:Linie im Kontrollbereich (C) und (T)
    2. Positiv:Linie im Kontrollbereich (T)
    3. Ungueltig: Keine Linie im Kontrollbereich

    Scope of delivery:

    5 x test cassette

    5 x Produktbeschreibung

    Discretion: The shipping is done in opaque packaging to protect your privacy.

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